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About Dinah

Dinah has worked in the field of rehabilitation for 20 years, and is currently a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the disabled. She was born with Charkot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), an inherited neurological condition that affects the nerves and weakens the muscles in the extremities, forcing her to walk with crutches. At age 35, she was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, which causes intense electrical shock-type pain in the nose, lips, and eyes. Consequently, she has unique insight into the experiences of those who grow up with a disability as well as what people go thru when they acquire a disability later in life.


"I believe that we, the
   disabled, need to stop
   chasing normal,
   celebrate who we are
   and who we are
   becoming and help
   each other as we go."

   "If you feel angry,
   scared, nervous,
   depressed.... I can tell
   you that you're
   completely normal and
   it's okay."

  Dinah Chaudoir Federer


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