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Chasing Normal Webinar Series


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Coming Soon to Chasing Normal, join Dinah for live online seminars.  Here's a few of the subjects Chasing Normal will be offering.


  • The Emotional Toolkit
  • Changing your mind changes the world
  • Inner Stillness and its effect on your life
  • Making the Move from Crisis to Opportunity: Creating a Road Map That Works for You

  • Habits that serve and habits that need changing and why
  • Adding to Your Circle: Keeping Your Friends and Adding New Support People as Well







"I believe that we, the
   disabled, need to stop
   chasing normal,
   celebrate who we are
   and who we are
   becoming and help
   each other as we go."

   "If you feel angry,
   scared, nervous,
   depressed.... I can tell
   you that you're
   completely normal and
   it's okay."

  Dinah Chaudoir Federer