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Thank you for this wonderfully written book. Its clear, no-nonsense help on the physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives.
Jim Roncoroni     Holland, OH

This is a beautifully written, warm and highly intelligent book! Since the fundamental aspects of disability encompass not only the physical but also the emotional/psychological realms - everyone could benefit from the author`s insight.
Marina Kropp     Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There is a desperate need for this book. Dinah is so capable of identifying the need and her response to it both in her personal life and her professional life. This book contains many untold truths and much wisdom for those facing disability as well as their caregivers. Reading Dinah's book is a learning experience.
Carol Westfahl     Manitowoc, WI

Chasing Normal is a most unique and needed book dealing on both sides of the disability rehabilitation arena, from the perspective of being born with a disability, and also that of helping others with disabilities in their rehabilitation. Dinahs perspective and the easy-to-read language used provides the reader with a first-hand picture, from her perspective, which I know many readers will relate to. A wonderful publication that will definitely make one think, possibly question, but should be read frequently,and passed along to others to read. A must for anyone with a disability, their loved ones, and those serving people with disabilities. I truly enjoyed Chasing Normal, and wish this book was written years ago.
Urban Miyares, President/Founder     Disabled Businesspersons Association, National Disabled Veterans Business Center

This book is an inspiration to anyone coping with the daily challenges of living with a disability. With refreshing candor and humor, the author shares her very personal experience of living with disabilities and the fear and myriad of emotion associated with becoming newly disabled. The author givens the reader extensive insight into the medical, social, emotional and interpersonal challenges she experienced and the lessons learned from meeting these challenges. The book provides practical advice on how to address the emotions and physical limitations associated with disabiltiy. The book comes complete with a checklist of things to remember and a section for the readers record of thought at the conclusion of each chapter. While the books message is primarily aimed at an audience of people with disabilities, friends and family of individuals with disabilities and more specifcally, someone newly disabled, health care professionals, and educators might also find the book very appealing and useful for professional training.
Bonnie Hughes     , 

Chasing Normal is a compelling account of life with a disability from two remarkable perspectives and is a must-read for anyone who has or is connected to someone with a disability.  I was born without arms and the mantra in our home was `there`s no such word as can`t`.  It worked for me but after reading Dinah`s book, I have re-evaluated the universality of that message.  Chasing Normal doesn`t offer a quick fix but it is an honest, even disturbing account of reality and surprisingly inspirational.  Who thought the cold truth could carry such a warm message.
Alvin Law     Best Selling Author, Writer

Dinah says it like it is. Her book is helpful to people born with disabilities and those who acquire them later. The book give a lot of insight for family members and care givers.
Jennifer  Hanstedt     Manitowoc, Wisconsin




"I believe that we, the
disabled, need to stop
chasing normal,
celebrate who we are
and who we are
becoming and help
each other as we go."

"If you feel angry,
scared, nervous,
depressed.... I can tell
you that you're
completely normal and
it's okay."

Dinah Chaudoir Federer

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